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Bridal Hair Tips

Professional hairstylist Sam Klingner of Sweet Hair Peace provided me with some great tips for styling and preparing your hair for your wedding day. Below are a few of the tips she shared.

Deciding on Your Wedding Day Hairstyle

If you have darker hair, incorporate a hairpiece or florals in your style.

Consider the weather for your wedding venue when deciding on your hairstyle… Wind!

Extensions: if wearing your hair up, you can buy something from Sally’s Beauty Supply. If wearing your hair down, invest in better quality (recommendations: Bellami, Luxy or Hair Addict Salon and Extension Bar) and no matter what, make sure they’re real hair!


Do one so you’re not changing things up on the wedding day, making the schedule get behind. Sam recommends within the last 3 months before the wedding day. This way, your length and color is closer to what it will be like on the wedding day. You’ll also have your dress chosen by then, so you’ll know which hairstyle will complement it. Be honest with your stylist if there’s something you don’t like about the style. Always speak up. They won’t be offended!

Tips for the Wedding Day

You can have your stylist stick around until after the ceremony to do a second look for the reception.

Plan for 45 minutes per girl, and 1 hour for the bride, with everyone’s hair and makeup done by 1 hour before you need to leave for your first look or ceremony. Usually one stylist can do hair for up to 7 girls. The bride, and anyone helping them get dressed later, should be scheduled for hair and makeup more towards the middle of the lineup. You can get touchups before you leave, if needed.

Preparing Your Hair: Have clean, dry hair the morning of the wedding before it gets styled. Invest in good shampoo and conditioner, and a clarify shampoo to remove extra junk that’s stuck in your hair. You can use it every other week.