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Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

Services a Wedding Planner Can Provide

Wedding planners wear a lot of hats for each and every wedding day they plan. For what’s commonly called “day of” coordination, many couples will book a wedding planner about 6 months prior to the wedding day, sometimes because they’re officially in crunch time and realized they have way too much on their plate. But you can have a wedding coordinator step in way earlier than that, if needed.

Some services a wedding planner can provide include vendor selection, design, budget management, RSVP management, welcome bag and favor construction, and more. The options are practically endless!

Having a wedding planner is like having a wedding day insurance policy. Like any form of insurance, it’s not like you’re planning for things to go wrong, but you want to be sure you’re covered just in case they do. Find a few good reasons to hire a wedding planner below!

3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

They are full of resources. A wedding planner is involved with the entire team you’ve hired for your big day, and they’ll even provide you with the recommendations you need if you’re not sure who to hire for a particular service. They’ve worked with all kinds of vendors and can lead you to the ones who will be the best fit to accomplish your goals. If you think there’s no room in your budget for a wedding planner, they can easily make up for the expense with all the money-saving resources they have at their fingertips. A lot of factors go into the cost of a wedding planner, but as a guide, a wedding coordinator can be hired for as little as $1,400 in New Jersey.

Organization is their specialty. A wedding planner will help with all the details, the big ones and the little ones you don’t even think about. They will help you plan out your wedding day timeline so things run smoothly and on time. Some may even put together a timeline for your wedding party and parents so they’re in the loop!

Wedding planners are good at handling people. They can put out fires for you if you have a guest who is causing any issues for you. They’re a neutral party who isn’t emotionally invested in the situation and they can think quickly on their feet to help out under any circumstance.