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Getting Ready Must Have Items

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but your engagement will go by quickly and your wedding day itself will feel like it’s over in the blink of an eye. There is so much going on and lots of things to juggle on the day of your wedding, so the more prepared you are in advance, the more likely you’ll get to relax and savor every moment of the crazy day.

The best ways to ensure a smooth wedding day is to make sure you have a properly planned out timeline (more on timeline planning here) and you start the day out with all the essentials on hand. That’s where this content comes in…

Your getting ready must have items include more than the things you’ll find in those cute little bride and bridesmaid emergency kits. You’ll want to consider items for medical emergencies, wardrobe malfunctions, and things that will come in handy for all weather scenarios… just in case!

On the morning of your wedding, your photographers and videographers will arrive while you are in the hair or makeup chair, so having any details you wish for them to cover ready to go the night before is key. This will prevent you from being disrupted and your HMU team will appreciate it as well! I love when I show up and I have a tote full of goodies ready for me to style and shoot.

The classic details that are photographed on most wedding days include: dresses, shoes, garter, rings, jewelry, tuxedos, veil, vows, perfume/cologne, gifts, invitation suite, and any other paper goods you have a copy of. I suggest incorporating any personal trinkets and other items that have meaning to your relationship that you think may complement your details. Some florals that match your bouquets also add a nice touch to these photos, so I always request that florists deliver some scraps that morning if they can.

Some of my favorite wedding day items I recommend to all my couples can be found here: